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2020/06/26 05:17 | Wallet

Hello everyone, we just passed block 20k very smoothly. Block rewards are now corrected: MN 76% (2.128) POS 19% (0.532) Superblock 5% (0.14...

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2020/06/20 22:55 | Wallet

This is a mandatory wallet update! - Corrected LLMQS_PROTO_VERSION...

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2020/06/14 17:35 | Wallet

The CSPN Team is pleased to announce the new CSPN 2.0 Wallet and Blockchain are now available and running smoothly. Block Rewards are set to 0 until...

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2020/01/10 10:00 | Platform

We are excited to announce the Launch of the Crypto Sports Network Esports Platform, driven by our own in-house Cryptocurrency CSPN! - Create...

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