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2021/03/15 12:58 | Platform

Three new games have just been added. 1. Madden 21 (1v1) 2. Fifa 21 (1v1) 3. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (1v1) - Domination, Free-for-all,...

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2021/03/08 10:52 | Platform

Hey everybody, today we want to give you a short update regarding the development process of the CSPN Tournament System. We just finished the...

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2020/10/13 08:02 | Platform

Earn additional Signup Rewards for each referred User! - Level 1: 1 CSPN - Level 2: 0.5 CSPN - Level 3: 0.25 CSPN 1. Login to your CSPN...

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2020/10/09 20:37 | Platform

The CSPN Team is proud to announce the all new 3 Tier Referral System which will be the foundation for our Platform Marketing Strategy. The Referral...

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2020/07/09 19:41 | Platform

The CSPN Team is excited to publicly announce the CSPN Mobile and Platform Games Division. This division has been working in the background since the...

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2020/01/10 10:00 | Platform

We are excited to announce the Launch of the Crypto Sports Network Esports Platform, driven by our own in-house Cryptocurrency CSPN! - Create...

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