Call of Duty: Black Ops - Cold War | europe | PC | Free Play | 1on1 | Free for all

How to play
Match Rules
Global Rules


  • Players need to have their ID set.

Getting started

  • Set your state to ready on the match page when the match is ready.
  • Add each other as a friend on
  • Start CoD:BO - CW.
  • Go to "Lobby->Custom Games".
  • Go to "Change Mode" and select "Free-for-all".
  • Go to "Change Map" and select the voted map.
  • Go to "Edit Game Rules->Restrictions" and apply the settings as from the "Restricted Items" below. Click on "Options->Save as new" to save the settings profile for future matches under a custom name (e.g. CSPN).
  • Invite your opponent to the lobby and start the match.

Map Vote

  • Each player picks a map that will be played. The higher rank begins.
  • Third map will be picked by the lower rank.

Match Process

  • The player who wins 2 maps first wins the match.
  • Complete the match.
  • Take screenshots / photos of results.
  • Enter and confirm results on the CSPN match page.

Map Pool

  • All Maps allowed

Lobby Settings

  • 3rd Person Spectating: Disabled
  • Revenge Voice: Disabled
  • Battlechatter: Disabled
  • Dynamic Map Elements: Disabled
  • 3rd Person Gestures: Disabled
  • Gesture Camera Control: Disabled

Game Settings

  • Win Conditions
    • Time Limit: 10 Minutes
    • Score Limit: 30 Kills

    Restricted Items

    • Weapons
      • Submachine Guns: Mac-10, LC-10
      • Tactical Rifles: Type 63, M16 ,AUG, DMR 14
      • Light Machine Guns: Stoner 63, RPD, M60
      • Shotguns: Hauer 77, Gallo SA12, Streetsweeper
      • Launchers: Cigma 2, RPG-7
      • Special: M79
      • Attachments
        • All Weapons: Dual Wield, SOF Target Designator, Mounted Flashlight, Tiger Team Spotlight, Ember Sighting Point, KGB Eliminator Muzzle, Task Force Barrel
        • Scorestreaks
          • All Scorestreaks
          • Perks & Wildcards
            • Perk 1: Engineer, Paranoia, Forward Intel
            • Perk 2: Tracker, Quartermaster
            • Perk 3: Ghost, Spycraft
            • Wildcards: Danger Close, Law Breaker (Players may not equip 2 Primary Weapons. Multiple Perk Selection may be used.)
            • Equipment & Field Upgrades
              • Tactical: Stimshot, Decoy, Smoke Grenade (1 per team is permitted)
              • Lethal: C4, Molotov
              • Field Upgrades: Proximity Mine, Field Mic, Sam Turret, Jammer, Gas Mine

              Specific Rules

              • If a player equips a restricted item they will only forfeit the map in question if they actively used it in the match. The opposite side must prove that the item was used. Leaving a match if a restricted item has been equipped without proving that it was actually used will result in a forefit for the side that leaves the match.
              • Equipping any restricted specialist will result in a forfeit of the map.


              • All matches will be played in the latest version of the game.

              Game Accounts

              • Matches must be played with the Game Account ID that is set in the players CSPN profile. Playing with a different Account will be punished with penalty points and result in a default loss.

              Player Drops

              • If a player loses the connection to the game or the server, the player that stay ingame need to pause the game right after the drop of the opponent and wait at least 5 minutes for him to resume the match.

              No Show

              • If the opponent doesn't set his state to ready in the CSPN match page at the confirmed match date (+15 minutes), the missing player will automatically receive penalty points for not showing up and the match will be canceled.

              Leaving a Match / Rage Quit

              • Leaving of any Server prematurely is deemed to be a default loss. Please take screenshots of the event and open a dispute to activate an admin to investigate the case. This does not apply to any technical issues a player might have.

              Match Results

              • Results need to be submitted and confirmed by the players within 24 hours. Upon expiry of this period, a dispute will automatically be opened.


              • Should problems arise during a match, a dispute is to be opened. The state of affairs must be clarified during the communication with the admin and, if necessary, evidence must be provided.

              1. General

              1.1. Exceptions

              CSPN platform administrators can decide outside or against any of the rules to guarantee fair play.

              1.2. Code of Conduct

              All participants must behave with respect towards representatives of the platform and other players. Players are requested to act with honor in all activities while on the CSPN platform, including in-game, chat, messengers, comments and streaming. Players should conduct themselves in a professional manner and strive to follow these core values:

              Empathy: treat others the way you would want to be treated
              Honor: play fair and do not take advantage of situations or exploits
              Courage: always act just and rightly, even if it may be the unpopular choice
              Commitment: follow through with all promises, show up to scheduled matches on time

              There is a zero tolerance for harassment or hate speech in any form on the CSPN platform. This includes, but is not limited to:

              Hate speech, offensive behavior, or verbal abuse related to sex, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, disability, physical appearance, body size, age, or religion.
              Stalking or intimidation (physically or online).
              Spamming, raiding, hijacking, or inciting disruption of streams or social media.
              Posting or threatening to post other peopleís personally identifying information (ìdoxingî).
              Unwelcome sexual attention. This includes, unwelcome sexualized comments, jokes, and sexual advances.
              Advocating for, or encouraging, any of the above behavior.
              Please refer to the AnyKey Keystone Code to learn more about good sporting behavior. Refer to the ESIC Code of Conduct for detailed conduct rules and penalties

              Any User that is in violation of this Code of Conduct will receive penalty points which can lead to account disciplinary actions up to and including banning from the CSPN Platform.

              1.2.1. Insults and offensive behavior

              Insults that are deemed hateful or harassment may be punished. This includes messages on any in-game chat during matches, profile comments, pre-match chat and general CSPN Platform chat. All incidents of offensive behavior will be examined and if found to be in violation then penalties may be levied against the user.

              Some examples of offensive behavior can include:

              Discriminatory statements
              Extreme threats of violence
              Sexual harassment
              Pornographic linkings
              Solicitation of unapproved services

              1.3. Casual and Competitive Created Matches

              All matches, regardless if casual or competitive should be played fairly and with good intentions. Code of Conduct enforcement is in effect for all match types and things like griefing or trolling will not be tolerated. Any form of account boosting will result in a possible account wipe or even ban.

              1.4. Game Clients

              CSPN can not stress enough that cheating during matches is not allowed, which includes anything providing a competitive advantage that your opponent does not have access to from the game client that is being played. This can include certain add-ons, client modifications, memory modification software and the use of cheat codes. Any player caught cheating can result in an account ban.

              1.5. Game Broadcasting

              CSPN encourages all players and users to promote and broadcast their matches and results on any platform they want, but strongly advises in using a broadcast delay during competitive matches to prevent any unfair advantages from the opponent being able to see the player’s gameplay in real time.

              1.7. Platform Language

              CSPN is a global platform and there is no official language endorsed by CSPN. We strive to have moderators of all languages to help support our Worldwide Community. Please contact us if you wish to be a moderator in a language we are currently missing.

              2. Fraudulent Practices

              CSPN prohibits and revokes all usage and rights to any players knowingly participating in illegal or fraudulent practices. This is a non-negotiable stance and all infractions will be reported to the authorities.

              2.1. Deceptive Practices

              Any attempt to deceive another player or administrator of the CSPN platform, either by willful lying or omission of facts may result in an account ban.

              2.2. Any Unauthorized Actions or Offenses

              This includes any abuse of the website or CSPN blockchain. Punishments are at the sole discretion of the CSPN administrators.

              2.3. Cheating of any form

              All forms of cheating are grounds for account punishment, up to and including an account ban. Every report of cheating will be investigated by the CSPN administration team.

              Any use of programs or other methods to circumvent, modify or in any way manipulate matches is forbidden. Any use of such programs or methods will be punished severely.

              2.3.1. Distribution of cheat programs

              The distribution of cheats or cheat software in any way will not be allwoed. This can include but is not limited to referring to the name, website or logo of cheats or cheat software anywhere on the CSPN Platform, such as player profiles, clan profiles, comments, match chat, etc.

              Violating this rule can result in an account ban.

              2.3.2. Cheating Punishments

              Any player found cheating will be immediately disqualified in the match they were cheating in which can also include any forfeiture of prize money or stakes on the match and an account ban.

              2.4. Match Fixing and betting/stake fraud

              Any action that influences the outcome of a game or match that is outside of the normal game will be punishable by the CSPN administrators.

              2.6. Match Manipulation or Bribery

              Bribing or attempting to bribe an administrator or match organizer will be punishable by the CSPN administrators.

              3. CSPN Platform Accounts

              3.1. Player Account

              An account must have a valid and verified email address. It is the responsibility of the player to keep this up to date and accessible in the event further verification is required for security.

              3.1.1. Multiple Platform Accounts

              A player may only have 1 Account, if an account is not accessible by the player, a support request must be made to the CSPN administration team and a thorough investigation will result.

              3.1.2. Player Nickname and Clan Names

              We reserve the right to edit Nicknames and/or Clan names, if they fail to comply with the following requirements.

              Nicknames/aliases are forbidden if they:

              Nicknames or Clan names that are purely commercial (e.g. product names), defamatory, pejorative, offensive, vulgar, obscene, inciting hatred or violence are forbidden. Using alternative spelling, gibberish or wrong spelling in order to avoid the requirements mentioned above is also not allowed. This rule may be updated as necessary and without warning.

              3.1.3. Pictures

              All profile pictures are subject to examination and must adhere to decency rules including pictures of a violent or sexual nature. Pictures may be deleted by the CSPN administration team at any point without warning.

              3.1.6. Account sharing

              No User of the Platform is allowed to share their account with anyone else with no exceptions. Offenses to this rule are punishable up to and including an account ban.

              3.2. Clans

              Clan names can not match other clan names. Each clan should represent themselves and not try to fake being another clan. Clan names can be changed at the discretion of the CSPN administration team.

              3.2.1. Players in Clans

              A player may only play for one clan in a sponsored tournament.

              4. Penalty points

              If a player or clan disregards or violates one or more of the rules, this can have various consequences depending on the severity of the offense.

              5. Participation in competitive matches and tournaments

              Any prize winnings are provided as-is and is the responsibility of the winner to abide by all tax and legal codes that may be imposed by their Country, State or City.

              Prize winning means any competitive match with physical (e.g. hardware), money, or crypto prizes.