Meet CSPN's new Co-CEO: Andrew Durden | 2022/06/02 - 14:28 ESTCore

Andrew Durden is no stranger to the professional sports world, playing college baseball for Florida State University and Nova University as well as being drafted twice in 3 years by the Toronto Blue Jays and the Kansas City Royals as a top 10 national prospect, he opted to sign a professional contract with the KC Royals.

After an amazing 2 years of playing professionally, Andrew decided it was time to retire and settled in Atlanta. Once there, his entrepreneurial spirit emerged and he decided to start a successful land development and investment company. Looking to get back into the high energy world of sports in 2020, he began extensive trading in the crypto spaces including the NFT Markets and it was there that he spotted a niche that had not be filled yet. It combined 2 of his favorite things, sports and the high risk, high reward that comes with crypto trading.

Not being able to shake this incredible idea off, Andrew turned to his best friend and CSPN CEO Mason Arnao and discussed his plans in great detail. Mason quickly saw how this emerging Marketplace perfectly aligned with the scope and vision of CSPN and together they have been working on bringing that dream into reality using Andrew’s knowledge and experience of professional sports and NFTs with the top tier development abilities of the CSPN Team.

The entire CSPN Team has been blown away by Andrew’s Vision and how well it fits with CSPN’s new goals that everyone agreed Andrew should come on-board as Co-CEO of CSPN.

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