Launch of the Official CSPN Staking dApp | 2022/05/20 - 20:37 ESTPlatform

Dear Community,

The first official dApp (Decentralized Application) is ready to launch on the new Crypto Sports Network and we could not be more excited: The CSPN Staking dApp!

This Staking dApp greatly simplifies the staking process and provides daily deterministic rewards for holding CSPN, just link your wallet on the staking site and click a few buttons to start staking, it could not be easier to get started.

CSPN Staking dApp at a Glance:

- Total Supply of CSPN always remains the same at 13.37M

- The Staking Pool has a total allotment of 6,453,699 CSPN

- Rewards are paid out daily and can be easily reinvested

- We use a sliding scale that rewards stakers with a higher APY based on how much CSPN they are currently staking

You can now stake your CSPN Tokens on:

We have already transferred 6,453,699 CSPN, which is 48.27% of CSPN’s Total Supply, to the Staking Reward Pool which can be verified on chain:

0x8D2193aDcd61E604b56455CF9F9F14f1a094b683 (

If you experience any issues, we are here to help you. Just leave a message in the chat, open a ticket in our Discord Server or send us a dm.

Please be aware that WE WILL NEVER DM YOU FIRST!

More details on the final CSPN 3.0 Tokenomics will be revealed with the next Announcement, so stay tuned for more upcoming news!

Happy Staking ;)

-Your CSPN Team-

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