Faster - Stable - NFTs: Introducing the new CSPN Token | 2022/03/26 - 16:38 ESTCore

Dear CSPN Community,

After many months of painful deliberation, searching, comparing and countless developer interviews, the CSPN Team has finally decided on the Official Blockchain for the new CSPN Token that will drive the CSPN Platform and the new NFT Marketplace.

Polygon Network has been selected as the vehicle to move CSPN into becoming a Token based cryptocurrency, thereby giving some much needed functionality that just does not exist in the current cryptocoin format like SmartContracts, a Stable underlying Blockchain, Secure Wallets like Metamask and of course Mobile Wallets such as AlphaWallet. This takes most of the burden off the Core Team when it comes to basic blockchain development and will allow us to focus more on the CSPN Platform side.

Polygon has been in service since 2017 and is a very mature project, is built off the Ethereum Blockchain but still has an average of 2 seconds per Block and very low transaction fees which is perfect for the fast paced environment we are looking to create with the new CSPN NFT Marketplace.

Although there are no Masternodes or Staking inherent to a Token, we will be creating a custom dApp that will replace staking and instead allow Token Holders to freeze a certain amount of CSPN and get paid out a percentage return daily. Further details on the Staking Tokenomics will be released in a more technical post in the very near future.

As already mentioned, CSPN is and has always been focused on bringing Gamers Together with the CSPN Platform and Non-Fungible Tokens has been included as a central feature in this vision and we intend to go full steam ahead with creating not only an NFT Marketplace that is fully integrated right into the CSPN Platform but also the creation of a Unity SDK that will provide Game Developers the ability to implement CSPN NFTs right in their own games.

The contract with the developer has been signed, the work has been started and soon the fruits of our labor will be shared by all.

The CSPN Team graciously appreciates the patience all investors have endured during this time of change and we are planning additional ways to reward the faith you have all placed in us, so please Stay with us as we walk down our new path together.

—Your CSPN Team—

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