Evolving the CSPN Blockchain to power up its Ecosystem | 2022/01/02 - 07:46 ESTCore

Dear Community,

As we begin another year of project development, it is important that we redefine and refocus our goals based on the needs of our Community, our Partners, and our Long Term Vision.

Implementing NFTs into our current DASH based source in addition to a stable POS algorithm which allows us to have both Masternodes and Staking has been our primary objective for 2021 and it has not only consumed many hours and resources but has been our biggest roadblock in getting progress made on the blockchain side. Without a secure and stable blockchain, our Partners can not implement any projects, our Community continues to get sync issues and frustration and we certainly can not market our blockchain as a proper solution.

This lack of progress coupled with multiple technical limitations has finally culminated into the decision that CSPN should be a token and take advantage of the vast ecosystem available already. This enables gamers to connect their wallet with MetaMask on the CSPN Platform instead of making deposits into a web wallet and Smart Contracts would handle escrow for match stakes. NFT support is high and with plenty of working projects to reference, this should jump-start our goals of having unique item NFTs as tradeable commodities on the platform that any game developer can hook into and offer in their games as well.

All is not sunny however with this change: There will no longer be Masternodes nor staking in the sense that we all currently know and we will work on replacing that functionality in some way that benefits the Community. The upsides however are simply too vast to pass up, with transactions being fully confirmed in seconds, a wide range of available mobile wallets for iOS and Android, cheaper listings on new exchanges, a simpler marketing approach with a lower complexity model where we do not have to explain Masternode Setups or Staking, no more wallet maintenances or sync forks.

One major point we want to make clear: The maximum supply of 13.37M will not change.

There will of course be a Swap involved for CSPN and we have a plan mapped out already:

1. Prior to the CSPN token swap, we will release one last wallet update that will disable all staking and MN rewards at a certain block.
2. We will use the same Swap Platform that we developed and used in the previous Swaps. Users will deposit their CSPN holdings and provide their address on the new chain, which will then be validated and the swapped tokens will be sent to.
3. The swap ratio will be 1:1

The CSPN is targeting this milestone to take place in Q1 of 2022 and the blockchain we finally choose will be announced in January 2022.

From all of us at the CSPN Team, we wish everyone a happy and healthy New Year.

—Your CSPN Team—

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