CSPN Tokenomics, Github & Website Update, Team Additions & Staking Performance | 2022/06/01 - 21:41 ESTDevelopment

Dear Community,

CSPN is gaining momentum and we always believe in striking while the iron is hot! The Staking dApp has now been released for over one week and already there is over 4 million CSPN being locked and staked which is about 74% of our total coins in circulation, a true testament to the Community Support that CSPN has!

We have also included a much needed update to both the Website and Github:

- The SmartContract Source Code has been released for Public Viewing here: https://github.com/c-sports/contract

- New Tokenomics have been released officially and can also be found on both the Website and Github pages.

CSPN Tokenomics

Initial Token Swap: 41.53% (5,552,562.522 CSPN)
Project Funds: 10% (1,337,000 CSPN)
Airdrops: 0.2% (26,740 CSPN)
Staking Reward Pool: 48.27% (6,453,699 CSPN)

To go along with the informational updates for the new CSPN Token, we are also working on a complete Corporate website redesign that will include the new Roadmap, updated WhitePaper, an expanded Team Members section and more.

On the Marketing side, we are beginning to solidify our branding and have created brand new CSPN Logos.

These new colors reflect both the intrinsic value of our token as well as our vision of supporting both the Sports and eSports Communities. This is also the first step in the creation of the CSPN Brand Guidelines, which will set our Marketing direction going forward.

Lastly, The CSPN Team has been diligently searching for new Team Members to expand into additional areas and while we are far from finished, we have found a few highly talented additions to the team that we will be introducing in separate posts.

The CSPN Team is committed to continuing our relentless pace this year and are overjoyed that our Community is right beside us as we march towards glory.

—Your CSPN Team—

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