CSPN Roadmap Update: July 16, 2021 | 2021/07/16 - 09:33 ESTCore

Dear Community,

as we recently hit a few goals on our Roadmap it is time for another update. The following points are considered completed:

Partnering with various gaming organizations by utilizing the CSPN Referral System (ongoing process)

Finalizing and Testing the CSPN IPGF*

Releasing the CSPN IPGF*

Releasing the first official CSPN Internal Platform Game (CSPN IPG**)

*Internal Platform Games Framework
**Internal Platform Game

Link to the Change-Log: https://github.com/c-sports/roadmap/commit/6918f73b62ed74b9099d86630fbac...

Since our first Internal Platform Game, CSPN Deathmatch Arena (CSPN DMA), has now been released, we continued the development of the CSPN Contest System. CSPN DMA will also be one of the supported game titles in our first Contest, which we have some pretty cool ideas for. Stay tuned!

- Your CSPN Team -

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