CSPN Development Update #10 - FAQ Section, further Functions and Improvements | 2021/05/09 - 21:13 ESTDevelopment

Hey everybody, a lot of stuff has been worked on the past weeks which we are going to present you in this Dev Update:

FAQ Section added

The usability of our platform is very important to us and to make it as easy as possible for new gamers to find their way around, we have created an FAQ section that already answers a lot of questions and will continue to grow in the future. Check it out at: https://www.crypto-sports.network/faq .

Match Cancellation Request function added

In addition to requesting a game to be rescheduled if an opponent has already been found, we now offer players the option of canceling a game if both sides agree.

Further improvements of the user menu and profile management

The user menu structure has been further improved and new menu items have been added. Additionally, the „Games & Platforms“ selections in the profile edit page have been moved from „Basic Info“ to an own tab to make it clearer.

Match Detail Information redesigned

The match detail information has been redesigned and is now also showing the game logo.

Game Cover Carousel added to gamer profiles

Instead of just displaying names of games a gamer plays, we added a Game Cover Carousel to the gamer’s profile.

„I play this game“ Button added to game detail pages

Gamers can now add a game to their list of games they play by simply clicking on the „I play this game“ button on a game detail page.

There is more to come, stay tuned!

-Your CSPN Team-

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