CSPN 3.0 Token Released & Swap Opened | 2022/05/05 - 09:38 ESTCore

Dear Community,

today is the day!

We successfully deployed the CSPN 3.0 Token on the Polygon Network.

Contract Address: 0x9A0b381394fbE689B344d1ebd2d4DccFF31adf87 (https://polygonscan.com/address/0x9A0b381394fbE689B344d1ebd2d4DccFF31adf...)

13,370,000 CSPN have been minted (https://polygonscan.com/address/0xa324412681fc959c90328130c0542841dcf96fa1) and the Circulating Supply of 5,552,560.21 CSPN has been moved to the Official Swap Wallet Address (https://polygonscan.com/address/0x0685004cf5cfc08ac47def05cdf0b87d8b02b16f).

After successful Test Swaps on the Polygon Mainnet, we are now opening the doors of the CSPN 3.0 Swap Platform to the Public!

Link to the Official CSPN 3.0 Swap Platform: https://swap.cspn.pro

YOU MUST DOWNLOAD AND INSTALL CSPN WALLET 2.0.4!!! (https://github.com/c-sports/cspn/releases/tag/v2.0.4) - WALLET VERSION 2.0.3 IS NOT SUPPORTED!!! -

Please follow these instructions to perform the swap: https://swap.cspn.pro/about

Be aware that CSPN 3.0 Token Withdrawals are being queued and processed in batches of 4 per minute, which equals to 240 Withdrawals per hour.

If you experience any technical issues and need assistance, don’t hesitate to contact us on Telegram (@iXzellent | @CryptoSportsNetwork) or Discord (Patrick H. | CSPN.io#7393 | Alexandros C. | CSPN.io#1337).

BE AWARE THAT WE WILL !!!NEVER!!! CONTACT YOU FIRST!!! If someone does, chances are high that they are pretending to be from the official team and trying to scam you!!! So make sure to CONTACT US INSTEAD!

We now wish everyone a smooth Swap Experience to the CSPN 3.0 Token on the Polygon Network!

CSPN that is currently on the Probit Exchange will be swapped to the CSPN 3.0 Token by Probit itself. They are currently in the integration process.

Further information such as the CSPN 3.0 Tokenomics will be published shortly.

See you on the other side ;)

- Your CSPN Team -

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