CSPN 2.0 Wallets are available | 2020/06/14 - 17:35 ESTWallet

The CSPN Team is pleased to announce the new CSPN 2.0 Wallet and Blockchain are now available and running smoothly. Block Rewards are set to 0 until Block 7500 (currently we are on Block 3500) to give everyone time to set their wallets and masternodes up correctly.

NOTE Before Block 7500, Staking Rewards will be set to 0 and Masternode Rewards will not show up in the Wallet as they are skipped (0 Reward). Network Fees may however show up in the rewards as a result of transactions happening on the network.

Converting CSPN 1.0 Wallet to CSPN 2.0 Wallet

CSPN 2.0 runs on a brand new blockchain and we have made the conversion process as easy as possible. That said, it is important to follow the official Update Guide and please be sure to Make a Backup of your CSPN 1.0 Wallet before converting.


Setting up Deterministic Masternodes

CSPN 2.0 moves away from the PIVX Masternodes in favor of Deterministic Masternodes. Masternodes are now registered directly on the blockchain and are rewarded at exact blocks that are known in advance. The setup is very different but straight forward. The CSPN Team has an official Masternode Setup Script which can be found here:


For further reading about Deterministic Masternodes (also referred to as: DIP003), additional documentation can be found here:


The Superblock System

One Core Change is the addition of the Superblock System (also referred to as: Governance). This will allow Masternode Owners to vote on network submitted proposals and allow CSPN backed innovation among our community.

To support the governance model, the reward split model has been changed
from MN 80% / PoS 20%
to MN 76% / PoS 19% / Superblock 5%

It is very important to point out that total Block Rewards have not been modified, only the distribution percents so supply per year remains completely unchanged. The first Block Reward Schedule will be as follows:

Block height 7,501 - 291,300
Block reward 2.8 CSPN
MN reward 2.128 CSPN
PoS reward 0.532 CSPN
Superblock 0.14

The entire Reward Schedule can also be found here:



All exchanges have been notified that the new wallets are now available and the following exchanges have acknowledged postively:


Crex24 has been notified and we are working closely with them to iron out a few details before they accept the update.

We assure all our Community Members that getting the Exchanges updated and Trading again is now our top priority as we know how important this is to everyone.

Next Steps

There are still steps and plans that the Team has on the list but getting all members upgraded to the new CSPN 2.0 Blockchain successfully, including the Exchanges is now our Top Priority. Please ask for help in our official Discord Server (https://discord.gg/vVqU7b7) by Creating a Ticket in Masternode Help Channel: #masternode-help or Wallet Help Channel: #wallet-help. It is important to use the highest sense of security during the conversion process, so please only use OFFICIAL HELP CHANNELS/TICKETS, do not accept personal DM’s from anyone offering assistance.

Thank you everyone for being patient and sticking with us as we take the next step in the eSports universe.

—Your Crypto Sports Team—

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