Contest System Testing Phase | 2021/09/09 - 11:53 ESTDevelopment

Dear Community,

as recently announced we've been working on the Automated Prize Payout Functionality and Contest Overview Page for the Contest System and are happy to tell you that both tasks have been finished today.

We will now begin with the Internal Testing Phase to make sure that everything runs as expected and will then run a first small Public Contest for our Community to participate and test with us when the Testing Phase is completed.

In parallel to the Testing Phase, we will create a simple Raffle System in which several Contests can be linked. The winners of every linked Contest will automatically land in the pot and get the chance to win some really hot prizes on top.

We are very excited about the new Platform Implementation and can't wait to see it in action.

Stay tuned for more updates the coming days.

- Your CSPN team -

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