Contest System: Release State Reached! | 2021/09/30 - 09:58 ESTDevelopment

Dear CSPN Community,

after extensive testing of the Contest System, we finally ported all code changes over to the live environment and added new functions which are described below:

- A function to lock a match to the Gamers Region: Locking a match to the Gamers Region is an important feature that prevents the gamer from receiving challenges by gamers from other Regions and is a mandatory requirement for non-global Contests and Ladders.

- Intelligent "[+] Add Match Request"-Button on Contest Detail Pages and Ladders: A button that automatically pre-fills all information in the match creation form to make sure it meets the Contest's or Ladder's requirements. In terms the Contest's start date is in the future, the form will also be pre-filled with the right date and time information.

- A Contest FAQ-Section with a couple of Q&As already added.

The following Roadmap Goals are considered completed (

- [x] Finalizing and Testing the CSPN CS
- [x] Releasing the CSPN CS

We are very exited about the release of the Contest System as it will enable us to frequently run prize events that attract gamers around the globe.

We are now preparing a first small Public Contest, the details of which will be announced with the next news release.

Stay tuned!

-Your CSPN Team-

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