Contest System Development Progress, Details & Next Steps | 2021/08/28 - 09:26 ESTDevelopment

Dear Community,

after a lot of backend code writing we finally put all the data information together to build up the Contest Detail frontend which we are now able to show you in the attached image.

A lot of thoughts have been put into the logic of the Contest System and we came up with a complex and solid solution which we are now going into in detail.

The Contest Entity consists of a set of fields which are defined up on creation (e.g which game it is about and which game mode, match type, platform and region it is available for). The amount of winners (1, 2 or 3) and the corresponding prizes can be defined while a prize can either be an amount of CSPN Coins or a product (e.g. a graphics card).

Multiple Contests can run at the same time and every Contest has a definite start and an end date.

Whenever gamers play a match, the system will check if there is an active contest for the game, game mode, match type, platform and region available and will automatically make a corresponding database record for the contest scores up on result submission.

The Contest Goal can either be set to gather the most Experience Points that gamers earn after every match they finished or to win the most matches in total during the Contest.

To prevent score manipulation we wrote complex logics that detects gamers that are playing against the same opponents all the time and decreases the amount of points that are being added to the gamers Contest Score from match to match while 3 is the maximum amount of allowed matches that someone can play against the same opponent in 24 hours when the goal is set to Experience Points. The 4th match against the same opponent would result in 0 points (2nd match when the goal is set to win the most matches in total). The score limitation only affects matches between the same two gamers. Playing against another gamer would result in a regular score. The score limitation are being reset every 24 hours.

The logics mentioned above are completed and fully working. Next steps will be to finish the Automated Prize Payout Functionality and Contests Overview Page.

Once everything is ready, we will have a short internal testing phase followed by a first small Public Contest where everyone can participate to make sure everything runs as expected.

When everything is good to go, we are going to develop a small automated Raffle System which will be an important part of our first big Contest.

The plan is to run a bunch of Contests for various games and platforms simultaneously to engage a big number of gamers while every Contest will reward the first 3 places with prizes in CSPN Coins. Additionally, every 1st place will be thrown into a corresponding pot and a raffle takes place that randomly picks a winner that gets a really hot prize that they can hold in their hands. More information regarding the prizes will be revealed soon.

Next development update will be published when the internal testing phase began.

Have a nice weekend and take care.

-Your CSPN Team-

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