Combining the World of Esports with the Economy of Blockchain

Introducing Crypto Sports

Crypto Sports builds a bridge between esports and the crypto world, offering gamers and developers innovative ways to connect and provide opportunities for every gamer, whether casual or professional, to make money by doing what they love, thanks to the Crypto Sports Network and the cryptocurrency, CSPN.

The Crypto Sports Network

The Crypto Sports Network Esports Platform was created by gamers for gamers with the vision to unify them from all across the globe by creating a fully integrated Social Platform connected to a robust decentralized Blockchain with critical features that every Gamer needs:

Competitive Ladders for your favorite game(s) in any available game mode to help keep you advancing in skill. Our Dynamic Ladder System always checks if there is a ladder existing for the specific game, game mode, match type, platform, match mode and continent whenever a match is being played and creates it automatically in terms the ladder doesn’t exist yet.

Challenge friends and other gamers in your favorite game and optionally put a wager on the outcome by staking CSPN coins on it. The platform takes care of the entire Match Management, from creation to resolution with a simple to use interface.

User Profiles including Video Galleries to show off your best “Let’s Play” work or just show your favorite streamers greatest hits.

Chat with friends anytime and make new friends in public chat rooms based on your favorite game.

Web Wallet for every Account that automatically takes care of match escrow and winnings. Withdraw your CSPN from the Platform straight to your secure desktop wallet at any time, instantly.

Save up your hard earned CSPN and create a passive income generating Masternode that keeps rewarding CSPN coins as long as it stays operational.

The 3 Tier Referral System will provide long lasting passive rewards for Gamers in a downstream manner, so the gamer you refer today might increase your base by 10 more gamers tomorrow and everytime they win a wager match, you win a commission.