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Contest System Testing Phase (2021/09/09 11:53 EST, Development)
Dear Community, as recently announced we've been working on the Automated... [read more]
Contest System Development Progress, Details & Next Steps (2021/08/28 09:26 EST, Development)
Dear Community, after a lot of backend code writing we finally put all the... [read more]
CSPN Roadmap Update: July 16, 2021 (2021/07/16 09:33 EST, Core)
Dear Community, as we recently hit a few goals on our Roadmap it is time for... [read more]
CSPN Deathmatch Arena (CSPN DMA) Update (2021/07/13 09:22 EST, Platform)
Hey everyone, today we released an updated version of CSPN DMA which now... [read more]
Now Available: CSPN Deathmatch Arena - Practice Mode (2021/07/11 08:00 EST, Platform)
Hey everyone, a Practice Mode for CSPN Deathmatch Arena (CSPN DMA) has now... [read more]

CSPN Top 10

Rank Gamer Score
1 Daniel 4032 -4
2 iXzellent 3886
3 janabhi 2823 +11
4 TlpOzclk 2165 -1
5 ottoman984 1885
6 Raizaah80 1737 -8
7 n00b 1690
8 McMoe 1648
9 Byakko 1478 -1
10 EAOG94 1470 +25


Open Matches:1
Matches Played:68
Match Fee:10.00%
Referral Level 1:13.37% *
Referral Level 2:6.69% *
Referral Level 3:3.34% *
CSPN / USD:$0.185
CSPN / EUR:0.157 €
CSPN / BTC:0.00000389
* % of Match Fee.

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